Nurture Your Staff and Clients Using Pre-Loaded Templates

Start from a blank canvas or choose from over 200+ free designer made digital signage templates. Drag and drop to customize any screen.

Everyone can have a chance to be creative.
Complete simple changes from anywhere with click-drag-drop widgets.

Our Templates

Using the drag and drop widgets add information about your services, doctor biographies, images, entertaining videos, insurance notifications, check-in procedures and more!


Pre-made templates help you get content showing quickly and easily to any screen.

Network Ready

Provide relevant information while promoting different offerings.


Quickly improve the way you communicate with your patients with basic pre-made templates. 

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“The solution is so easy to use and so seamless in its design”

All templates in one place, organized for you.


Our design studio offers a special template for weather forecast, which automatically displays the current weather in your area and even up to six days ahead!

Internal Communication

Wellvue365 is ideal to be installed on interiror TV displays for internal communication: show upcoming events, news, company messages and more.


You will get the same unparalleled support no matter what you decide to design with.

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