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Total Cloud Security

The editor, which we call the “Online Studio” is a rich client application that runs within a web browser. Using the online editor users can create, edit and manage their digital signage content.


In case you have a firewall and Android player, enabling port 80 for the application will also allow the Gmail to work on the player and the Google Play to update the application

Reports and Analytics

In parallel to the playlist change requests, our software includes a comprehensive reports dashboard. Proof-of-play, player connectivity, screen status, media performance and other statistical reports can be run and viewed.

Safe and Secure Content Updates

Our software can be installed on Android, Windows and Chrome OS devices.

Day Parting

Perfect for digital menu boards, with our software you can preset your content to breakfast, lunch, dinner and other menus to play automatically on the times you set.

Media Statistics

You can run systematic reports that include details as: media name, media time, number of exposures per media, exposure time played and how many screens the media was shown on.

Create Advanced Schedules

Advance schedule your content to instantly play on specific dates, times and days. If you need specific content to repeat, select the recurring option, then define by day and time.


In seconds, you can see the general status of your screens and devices, online connectivity, recent playlist and time of content update and more. Start using NoviSign’s Digital Signage Software today to better track and manage your digital signage!

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